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GE WB06X10288 WB6X10288 Microwave Grease Filter - 2 Pack

Filter size: 12 x 33 x .25 cm (4 ¾ x 13 x 3/32 inch)

Includes 2 filters

OEM Compatible Filter by FilterMee.

Please measure your existing filters to ensure they match the above dimensions. Thank you. 

If the filters arrived damaged, bent, not fit, undelivered, lost in transit, please contact us. We will be glad at our expense to send replacements, or exchange or issue a full refund as appropriate.

This filter fits the following microwave model No: 

GE General Electric

Model #: 910437, AH227998, AH4227961, AP3417082, AP4580233, AFF72-M, AF4290, 

B008B7XE34, B00LQDJ4L6, CU-WDD0-DFWY, DE-00031A, DE63-00031A, DF-SOTR-WLC4, EA227998, EA4227961, EAP4227961, PS227998, PS4227961, PS9861891, WB06X10288, WB6M130, WB6X10288 WG02F00519, WB6X10288,


EMO4000JBB01, EMO4000JBB02, EMO4000JBB03, EMO4000JBB05, EMO4000JCC01, EMO4000JCC02, EMO4000JCC03, EMO4000JCC05, EMO4000JSS01, EMO4000JSS02, EMO4000JSS03, EMO4000JSS05, EMO4000JWW01, EMO4000JWW02, EMO4000JWW03, EMO4000JWW05, EMO4000SJ01,

HDM1853BJ01, HDM1853BJ03, HDM1853BJ04, HDM1853BJ06, HDM1853SJ01, HDM1853SJ02, HDM1853SJ03, HDM1853SJ04, HDM1853SJ06, HDM1853WJ01, HDM1853WJ02, HDM1853WJ03, HDM1853WJ04, HDM1853WJ06,


JVM1840AD001, JVM1840BD001, JVM1840CD002, JVM1840WD001, JVM1840BD002, JVM1840CD001, JVM1840WD002, JVM1840AD001, JVM1840BD001, JVM1840CD002, JVM1840WD001,

JVM1841BD001, JVM1841CD001, JVM1841CD002, JVM1841WD001, JVM1841WD002, JVM1841BD002,

JVM1842BD001, JVM1842BD002, JVM1842BF02, JVM1842CD001, JVM1842CD002, JVM1842CF001, JVM1842WD001, JVM1842WD002, JVM1842WF001, JVM1842WF02,

JVM1850BD001, JVM1850BD002, JVM1850BF001, JVM1850BH01, JVM1850BH02, JVM1850BH03, JVM1850CD001, JVM1850CD02, JVM1850CF001, JVM1850CH01, JVM1850CH02, JVM1850SH01, JVM1850SH03, JVM1850SH04, JVM1850WD001, JVM1850WD002, JVM1850WF001, JVM1850WH01, JVM1850WH03, JVM1850WH04, JVM1850CH04, JVM1850SH02,

JVM1851CF001, JVM1851WD001, JVM1851BD001, JVM1851BD002, JVM1851BF001, JVM1851BH01, JVM1851BH02, JVM1851CD002, JVM1851CH01, JVM1851CH02, JVM1851CH03, JVM1851SH01, JVM1851SH02, JVM1851SH03, JVM1851SH04, JVM1851WD002, JVM1851WF001, JVM1851WH01, JVM1851WH02, JVM1851WH03, JVM1851WH04,

JVM1860BD001, JVM1860BD002, JVM1860BF001, JVM1860CD002, JVM1860CF001, JVM1860CF02, JVM1860SF001, JVM1860WD001, JVM1860WF02, JVM1860CD001, JVM1860SD001, JVM1860SD002, JVM1860SF02, JVM1860WD002, JVM1860WF001,

JVM1861BD001, JVM1861BD002, JVM1861BF02, JVM1861CD001, JVM1861CD002, JVM1861CF02, JVM1861SD001, JVM1861SD002, JVM1861SF001, JVM1861SF02, JVM1861WD002, JVM1861WF02, JVM1861BF001, JVM1861CF001,

JVM1870BF001, JVM1870BF02, JVM1870BF03, JVM1870BF04, JVM1870CF001, JVM1870CF02, JVM1870CF03, JVM1870CF04, JVM1870SF001, JVM1870SF02, JVM1870SF03, JVM1870SF04, JVM1870SK01, JVM1870WF001, JVM1870WF02, JVM187WF03, JVM1870WF04,

JVM1871SH12, JVM1871SH02, JVM1871SH03, JVM1871SH04, JVM1871SK01,

JVM2050BH001, JVM2050BH01, JVM2050BH02, JVM2050BH03, JVM2050CH001, JVM2050CH01, JVM2050CH02, JVM2050CH03, JVM2050SJ01, JVM2050SJ02, JVM2050SJ03, JVM2050SJ04, JVM2050WH001, JVM2050WH01, JVM2050WH02, JVM2050WH03,

JVM2051B001, JVM2051CH001, JVM2051WH001,

JVM2070BH001, JVM2070BH002, JVM2070BH01, JVM2070BH02, JVM2070CH001, JVM207CH010 JVM2070CH02, JVM2070SH001, JVM2070SH01, JVM2070SH02, JVM2070SK01, JVM2070SK02, JVM2070WH001, JVM2070WH01, JVM2070WH02,

JVM2071BH001, JVM2071CH001, JVM2071SH001, JVM2071WH001,

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